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one-woman Taipei

Are you romanced by the idea of solo travel? Solo travel seems to be the rite of passage for some folks. But I don't fully understand this romance....Perhaps for some, they need the distance and independence from not just family and friends, but also from all things familiar to create an awareness of one's singular existence and identity. Or maybe it’s just the encounter with the exotic and what it promises.  As a young person, I was often comfortably alone - reading, in the cinema, wandering the city. So I harbour no real romance about solo travel. In fact, whenever I travelled, it was always with a group of friends. The safety of a group meant more freedoms when backpacking in more remote places, especially with boys in the group. The work of planning for a trip could also be shared when it involves the logistics of getting to more exotic spots. The closest I got to solo travelling as a young person was when I wandered about Central Europe with a Malaysian university friend f