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Don't believe your eyes. The theme this year is not "turtles" or "origami". J has captioned the photos "God is eternal". Well friends, may God's peace be with you this Christmas. But should you be interested to see more of "turtles+origami", check out ampulets design 's latest project. And if you are really a fan of turtles, there's supposed to be "The Live Turtle and Tortoise Museum" at the Singapore Chinese Garden! Disclaimer: I've not been there myself so I can't vouch for it. The website claims it has over 50 different species of turtles and tortoises...


Photo by Jen They are here! Or rather, they are there at the Post-Museum, all wrapped deliciously like roti prata.

watch design

Video from here . More from the Herb and Dorothy website. A librarian and postal clerk amass lots of art in their tiny New York apartment. Sounds like the premise for a short story? Well, it's one of many films you can watch at the Design Film Festival . I guess there are enough films about architects and designers (and the odd collector) - those folks who create so much of what we live in and live with - that they could constitute a genre of their own. Anyway, J and I are just glad two of our interests are coming together at this festival from 20-30 January at Sinema/Old School. Click here to find out more. Writing this, I am also reminded of designers Charles and Ray Eames and the short films they made as another way to record or communicate their ideas; including the still amazing Powers of 10 . Enjoy. Video from this youtube link , but you can also view it from the official website that requires just a simple registration process.

better late...

than never. Click here for Part (1.2) of My Life as a Magician's Rabbit .

t-shirts for a (good) cause

Lost without you. This design takes as its starting point Post-Museum's location in busy Little India. One of the Post-Museum’s stated aims is to respond to its location. Wherever we may be, perhaps having a sense of place is part of our sense of community. This design is inspired by the spirit of collaboration behind two simple shop-house spaces, where people get together to create community and culture. 2 is better than 1. The folks at Post-Museum have been raising funds for the work they do. Some time ago they asked if we could design a t-shirt for their fundraising efforts. So we did! Friends, if you must buy presents for Christmas, can't resist another t-shirt (or two), and/or just want to contribute to Post-Museum's work, here's what you can do: (1) Get 2 is better than 1 in XS, S, M, L or XL* for $30 each. (2) Get Lost Without You in XS, S, M, L or XL* for $35 each. This is a limited edition t-shirt...50 I think. (3) Get a set of both T-shirts for