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click for larger view in flickr I stepped out of the lift, slipped, fell and hit my head this morning! Thank God the doctor says it should be just a bruise. If I was 70, perhaps something would have broken. What an odd coincidence that I had just finished this Kidnap Bob drawing two nights ago.

a sad oldie

I had just finished a cartoony drawing of J while he was attempting to draw me sitting across from him. We were both enjoying a post-dinner kopi 10pm last night. I asked if he would like any text under this quick portrait. He shot me this immediate reply, "growing old makes me sad". I said, "you're so depressing!". He said, "that's how a feel." I said, "..." He said, "..." Well folks, I don't know about you but it's been a dreary week at work so far and next week promises to be hectic. But there's nothing like reviving an old project to distract. J's portrait has therefore acquired the comforting figure of Kidnap Bob and his depressing line works surprisingly well for Kidnap News 2 so far. Enjoy...