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Not for a memory

Never have I seen so many different butterflies in a day. It's been months since we last ran or took a walk in the MacRitchie Nature Reserve. Today, butterflies accompanied us all along our midday trail from MacRitchie to Bukit Timah. They swooped, fluttered, flitted, floated, danced and circled the dirt and gravel - into the undergrowth - rested to draw on the salty earth and to feast the decay - teasing our watchful chase. Something is always dying and being made anew in the forest. When I got home I was eager to record their colours and patterns before the memory faded. But J decided that the forest looked best instead in black and white today. This picture was a kind of  compromise. J vetoed two dainty yellows. There should be no compromise, however, for protecting and preserving as much as possible of this nature on our tropical island. Certainly not for the subway, highway, or even flats for newly wedded lovers.

huat together

Friends, amps wish you all a year of love, contentment and giving - huat together!