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both sides, now

"Instructions for my wife / 写给妈妈的信" from BOTH SIDES, NOW on Vimeo . Some of you may recall reading on this blog about Ma J's struggle with stroke. Years later, we are re-living some of what she went through with her family in this little video made under J's design studio ampulets. It features from illustrations, J's story, and a juxtaposition with healthcare professional Kenneth's own instructions for his wife. J's words on the video: "My mother struggled with stroke for a few years. When she died, I felt relieved. Relieved that she no longer had to suffer the helplessness and despair.   Stroke is a scary thing. I watched as it stripped her of her physical and mental self. We watched and felt just as helpless - we could not do much to help her.   I remembered vividly when we asked my mother why her head was always hung low whenever we took out her out in her wheelchair, she told us that she looked like a ghost. It hurt so much to hear