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treasure chest

Years ago (2005/6?), we bought a little safe to keep the money collected from sales of ampulets-supplies merchandise. The intent was that whatever we collect would be plowed back into producing the next object. Since then, J has started his o wn design studio and ampulets-supplies has resurrected in the form of Neighbourgoods.  But in anticipation of Neighbourgoods' launch of the Good Sweat hankies this 29 November, we dug out our war/treasure chest from a rather moldy drawer.. It took a while finding the key. And when we opened the little grey, steel, brutalist-design box, we found $261.40 for the Good Sweat launch party, including a ship-series $10 paper bill still bearing then-Minister of Finance Richard Hu's signature. What a treasure!

why sweat?

Warning: Lots of links in this post! It's been some months since James' graphic design studio ampulets  started a modest product label Neighbourgoods to make objects that we've always wanted to and to be preachy while we're at it! With Neighbourgoods, we also have another premise or excuse to make new friends and collaborate with the folks we've always admired. And Good Sweat #2-6 was a perfect project for all of these reasons! Neighbourgoods worked with the following inspiring individuals who shared with us the phrases that reflect their values or attitudes in work or life: (1)   Bob Lee (aka the Fat Farmer or Jiuhukia) , a photographer whose work and words have moved us with their honesty, down-to-earth goodness and solid values. His images, whether from his days in the press, or now as an independent photographer, reflect a vision that is empathetic and generous. (2) Rebecca Toh, founder of Casual Poet Culture. We first learnt of Rebecca's work