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Only Grace

Only Grace  is a comic project I drew between June 2020 and April 2021. In that period, lots happened: I sold our old flat, bought and moved into a new one, and had yet another scary medical episode.  In the last  couple  of months, Only Grace  was made into an  actual comic book ol' skool ampulets style - printed at home and bound by hand, in a limited first edition of 50.  This was the way us amps made them books ways before I met J, before J started ampulets design studio, and before we created Neighbourgoods for these projects.  I have only just realised that Only Grace  has appeared only on IG and FB and not this blog - ah, how social media has taken over our lives. So here is a quick documentation of Only Grace. 1. Above is the first sketch I made of the characters in June 2020. It was after one of my post-dinner walks during the lockdown season. I sketched these characters quickly. They didn't need much editing or thinking - it was a rare moment of "first inspiratio