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More than coffee, books and music - Taipei 2013 part 2

Coffee Megane I am beginning to sound like a broken record, but the only way to begin this post is to still declare Taipei as the favourite city away from home for us amps. In true urbanite fashion, I thought it was all because all good cities are defined by their coffee, books, and music (and art). For this trip, armed with several new recommendations from CP , we thoroughly enjoyed and admired the following old haunts and new finds: Nineteentael performing at Witch House Coffee Megane/眼鏡  A beautiful interior, quiet service, simple food made with care, in a residential area.  Booday/Mog u  Just off the busy Zhong Shan station is a calm but active street. On the ground floor is the shop for Mogu, the magazine publisher, and just above it is its cafe, Booday. Already into its 10th year, it still feels real and independent - and relatively unchanged since our last visit 3 years ago. Another testament to this city's staying power!   Good Cho/Simple Living   Pretty much