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truth or dare

I've shortlisted only 3 films from this year's Singapore Film Festival . A record low! The truth is, without a physical programme booklet and the website's tedious navigation, I gave up after two rounds of reviewing the programme online. But I guess my cautious approach is entirely in line with this year's rather flat (*yawn*) programming: - Yan Lei (Tears) , directed by Cheng Wen-Tang - Dear Doctor , directed by Miwa Nishikawa - Jao Nok Krajok (Mundane History) , directed by Anocha Suwichakornpong Friends, may you possess more daring in clicking on the "Buy Tix" button.

culture coming out of your s/pores

It's the "Arts and Culture" issue of online journal on historical and contemporary Singapore society! Guest edited by Tan Tarn How, Part 1 of this issue features: ‘After’ Kuo Pao Kun › C. J. W.-L. Wee For wolfnotes › Lee Tzu Pheng Third Stage › Wong Souk Yee “But there is nothing here to shoot…” › Tay Kay Chin Raising the Subject › Jason Wee Censure and Censor › Loretta Chen National Songs Revisited › Tan Shzr Ee First-World Economy, Third-World Culture › Michelle Loh Review: +65 Indie Underground › Joseph Tham Click here to read an issue that's really diverse which, given its theme, is apt.

my own Malgudi

Part of a drawing made with J for his client. This is one of my favourites from the train series The little town council posse that usually goes ahead of the MP came by tonight. We were working in J's office. But damn. We left the lights and TV on in our living room (ah, the lesson to be learnt about saving energy)! The doorbell, thankfully, wasn't working. Then from J's office, we heard their voices and slightly impatient knocks on our door. Five minutes later, I looked through the peep hole - and the folks in white were still there... giggling and taking photographs of our painted door! Later we found the standard "Your MP was here" card tagged to the door, with the words "your door is very creative" scribbled across. The next time J asks me if I was ever tempted by the endless fancy condo launches, I would consider adding today's (thwarted) visit by the provincial party cadre to my list of the many charms of village-living romanticised: our frien

Worry Not Worry Wart

click for larger view in flickr Worrywart: What am I going to do now? Optimist: Do? What about? Sounds exciting. Worrywart: All these jobs coming in and design briefs to crack. I'm really worried. Optimist: Wow! It's a good thing, sounds like perhaps it's time you thought about expanding. Worrywart: Expand? I'm not even sure what's going to happen 3 years from now. Optimist: Er, try it for a year first? Worrywart: I'm really worried. Optimist: Aiyah, you're always worried anyway, so it's nothing new that you're worried, so don't worry. Worrywart: But, I've been like this for so long, that's worrying. Optimist: ...