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Same Same, Not Different

Not that nothing happened in the last 4 months - work family art life - but nothing quite warranted a blog post until this... became this. Finally. Although the market is no longer part of Mr Chiam's Potong Pasir and it has lost some of its early 80s charm, J and I are just relieved that after a year away, our old friends at the market have all returned! There is Wings , who still makes the world's best BBQ wings and more than a dozen hawkers we have grown strangely familiar with and attached to. The fish soup auntie with the most amazing memory; the hokkien mee seller who is like a carbon copy of J's dad; SL the ex-taxi driver who now makes kopi; the lady boss of another kopi store who still sports a fuschia mohawk; the ngor-hiang seller who has a great relationship with his teenage daughter; a couple of Shatec graduates persevering with their western food store... Ah, our village square has come back to life again. To celebrate, we made Wings a welcome back gift. His