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I love how light fills the flat. But this afternoon, sitting by the window for lunch, I could feel the heat bearing down on my back. And I suddenly realised: the windows have blinds! Silly me. I have not lowered these blinds for more than a year and have forgotten about them. When I did, the room immediately cooled. The blinds filter the light and in the first photo you can see the difference. ⁣


The pursuit of beauty seems noble. Especially a beauty that is not slathered in gold or diamonds. A modest beauty - if there can be such a thing - a beauty seemingly attainable by everyone yet noble because it requires the mind’s eye to be honed. This is a romance. It is a fool’s game. It is pleasurable.

welcome (except to you, lizards)

Just as I finished repainting the door and gate to my flat on 1 May 2020, I searched blogspot for all our previous attempts to paint this door....starting with this > 4 Sep 2006  , 2 weeks before J formally registered ampulets studio as a business.