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the wise and the foolish

...the same fate overtakes them both. One evening on bus 145, I overheard this conversation. Well, there was no need to strain the ears because the conversation between the two strangers was louder than the bus engine. It was like a performance, and everyone else quickly quietened down to watch - [ The conversation in Mandarin. Old Man in a blue short-sleeved shirt sat near the front door of the bus. Old woman, also bespectacled, was standing beside Old Man's seat. Never once in the conversation did she look at him. They both wore smiles throughout. ] Old Man: The next time you vote, I hope you vote the opposition party. Old Woman: I don't need to vote. Old Man: Why not? Everyone must. Old Woman: Aiyah, I don't need to. Where I live, always don't need to vote. Old Man: But next time, if you vote, must vote opposition party. Old Woman: The next time? I'll be dead by then! Old Man: You can't say that. The opposition is good. Vote for them. Old Woman: Aiyah

hitch a ride or take a hike!

In movies terrible things happen to hitchhikers. And sometimes, even more terrible things happen to folks who pick them up. The only time I attempted to hitch a ride was in the summer of 1995. Both just a few months shy from turning 21, a Malaysian friend from university and I decided to spend four weeks in Europe bumming around with a rail pass and 400 pounds, but no planned itinerary. Yes, in the tradition of the grand tour. One evening over Czech beer in a small town, we spotted Liechtenstein on the map and joked about how it would be cool to walk from the border of Austria, right across Liechtenstein, until we got to Switzerland. We could boast that we've walked, literally, cross-country. It couldn't have been the beer because two days later, after a healthy Austrian breakfast, we set off on our walk. I think we had imagined it would be a leisurely kind of walk surrounded by alpine forests where we may stumble upon quaint small towns. But it wasn't. There wer

folded verse

See the actual Folded Verse T-shirts...and at least 400 more works at Pameran Poskad 2010! The Chinese text "所羅門的衣,不如百合花" is our Chinese couplet for Jesus' teaching to not worry - "And why do you worry about clothes? See how the lilies of the field grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these" (Matthew, 6:28-29). We made 2 or 3 folds on the tee before each character was painted. Read more here . The show's on at "My Art Space" (Level 4, 21 Tanjong Pagar Road, beside the Maxwell Rd Food Centre) from 18 April to 1 May. There's an opening party on 17 April, 6-9pm; and a preview for eager beavers (well, they can try to spot those works by the established artists) on the same day at 3pm. p/s - Drop us a note at if you are interested in any of the 10 tees. They are soft 100% cotton. The 所,羅,門,的,衣 and 不 are on Muji Men L-sized T-shirts chest 38