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(re)visiting the dead

Several weeks ago we received an email from a theatre group in London called Platform 65 , asking about a drawing we posted on this blog 5 years ago. It was a post about our family's experience getting a spot for Ma J at a columbarium and our lesson on real estate. The young, not-for-profit arts group formed by Singaporeans in London was putting up Kuo Pao Kun's The Coffin is too big for the hole for their annual production, and wanted to use the drawing in their publicity. J and I occasionally get such requests via his design studio (admittedly, naming his studio after our identity on this blog is confusing), and it was impossible to resist the vain thought of an old drawing being associated with a production of KPK's work! Friends, if any of you happen to be in London this weekend, the show is on at the Camden People's Theatre. But if, like us, you are going to be in Singapore most of this year, Theatre Practice is organising the Kuo Pao Kun Festival throughout 2