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Be with me, be with you?

In Issue 3, Furrie and Shortie accomplish the IMPOSSIBLE - or at least what has become impossible for everyone during a pandemic - they go on a trip overseas! Issue 3 "Be with me" sees them travelling to another island, make new friends...and fall in love all over again with life and living. This is the final and last issue of Furrie and Shortie, and it is in colour!  First 50 orders of the bundles with the Furoshiki/Scarf/Bandana will receive a special gift of a Furrie & Shortie hankie. This being the last issue, you definitely will need a hankie to cry your goodbyes!  Simply email your order to (1) Issue 3: "Be with Me / 生活的点点滴滴 " Pre-order $28 (retail $30)  Issues 2  " A Time for Everything /   明天会更好"and  Issue  1  "Be the most wonderful you /  做最美好的自己"   are also still available as individual orders. (2) "Wrap Around my Heart" Furoshiki/Scarf/Bandana, 70x70cm, Slubbed Polyester  $28 (3) "Half and Half&

packing up

Going into storage! Now that I will be moving out of the flat in a few months' time*, I have been packing and spring cleaning every weekend. I discover treasures, but mostly I just discard bags of stuff J and I have hoarded....receipts, empty boxes, little cards and just - stuff. Things I cannot bear to throw, good stuff that I think others may like, I have been giving away either to friends, or via the amazing neighbourhood exchange centre known as "Bulky Refuse Bin". It is magical. I leave a bag there, walk away, gets adopted within an hour or so.  Today I looked at one wall of book shelves in the living room and decided it was time to tidy up the collection of knick knacks. This wall of books will re-appear in my new flat. But perhaps not every little memory needs to be replicated.  I started by thinking I will remove all the items that spoke most of J or our time together. But it was impossible. I would need to remove everything. So I removed the things I