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See you on the other side, babe

When I visited Seabreeze Books with a writer friend WW some months ago to deliver copies of Furrie and Shortie , I met with one of the owners. The result of our chat was that he invited both of us to contribute pieces to a book they were publishing "My City My Streets". It is a collection of 26 essays in Chinese (and photographs) about streets in Singapore that hold special significance, personal or otherwise. The book will be released in August. Watch for it! My piece is about Toa Payoh Lorong 8. Of course. It's ampulets's original and not-so-secret base!  I also made an illustration "See you on the other side, babe" to go with the text, but they decided not to include it in the book in the end. Too bad, because this illustration is classic ampulets!!! Grassroots, filled with love, and just a little mad. If enough friends ask, I may make a batch of tees with it.....  Anyway. Here's the piece, which I wrote in English: Toa Payoh Lorong 8 Cutting across T