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46 going on 16

Copyright ampulets / Winner / Me at 6? My second ceramics teacher is a millennial. She asked me to write “A Letter to my 16 Year-old Self” for an online magazine called "Strawberry Generation" she had started with a bunch of friends, to encourage other millennials. I agreed because I belong to a generation who still believes  # MustListenToCher  (and would probably know who else Cher could be). If you are easily bruised, I've placed here the homework I submitted for your reading:

Grammodes Geometrica

Image from painting by artist MightyYellow I was having dinner last night with the artist who made the image in Photo 2 for the upcoming ampuletsX7 exquisite corpse project. She was assigned the butterfly “Painted Jezebel” as a theme. Towards the end of dinner she pointed out “hey, a moth” outside the window behind us. ⁣⁣