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just between us women

A fishy man. The old ladies who gather nightly at the void deck, together with the resident fat cat, occasionally wave at J and I, and attempt polite conversation. But with each other, they are more candid - I was hanging around, warming down after a run. The ladies smile at me and continue their conversation in teochew. Old lady 1: I can't stand my sister. Old lady 2: Aiyah, don't think about it. OL 1: I don't know how stupid she can get. Her two daughters work so hard and give her all their money. Then she gives it to her son. Already 32 and he refuses to work! He tells her even if he works, the money is not enough, so he doesn't work. I can't stand him. When he picks a fight with his sisters, my sister she scolds her daughters instead of her son. OL 2: ... OL 1: I don't get her. I always scold her,   lan jiao [penis] and lam par [balls] so big meh?  OL 2 giggles, looks at me and shakes her head. I return her the courtesy.