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A Year Made Object

  I have been neglecting this blog. Most of the action have moved on to IG: yampulets . But things have also been pretty mad at work....and then there was this - A Year Made Object. Where should I start? Perhaps I should just reproduce the introduction in the "A Year Made Object" book. And at the end, I will archive some images of the book I produced with designer Jerry Goh and photographer Jovian Lim to make a time capsule of a time capsule (edition of 150, numbered/signed by ampulets, limited copies still available - DM). You can explore more about each artist/designer/maker and everything about this project that took more than my last 18months >  IG: ayearmadeobject.   IF TIME WERE AN OBJECT, WHAT WOULD IT BE?   During one of the many “phases” of the pandemic, there was a moment when I could not tell what year we were in. I reflected on this dislocation, sat at my desk, and started to write this note. It is titled “A Year Made Object”:     No one plants time capsules an